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I love writing. That is, articles, apps and books. Also, I am a confessing mobile computing addict. And you can frequently watch me speaking at conferences and meetups.

Being a child of the 70s my first encounter with programming was in the era of home computers. Those tiny machines (mine was a Laser 210) were usually fed with BASIC, which was the first programming language I learned. Later came C, Perl and a few more. During the 90s I wrote a bunch of programs for the Atari ST series. I was so proud of my TT.

The first decade of my professional career was (inevitably) Java. Today it’s mostly Kotlin, C#, Dart and Swift.

Recent activities

[articles] The new GameManager class in Android 12

2021-05-02 on
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[articles] Managing lights in Android 12

2021-04-27 on
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[articles] Implementing a number pad in Jetpack Compose

2021-04-24 on
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[talks] Modern Android development using Kotlin

2021-04-22, 01:50 PM, Heise Rheinwerk KKON-Warm-up 2021
In this talk I take a look at modern Android development using Kotlin. I show how Kotlin can make code much easier to read and maintain. Additionally we look at coroutines and their advantages over good old threads. The second part of the talk gives an introduction to Jetpack Compose.

[articles] Splash screens in Android 12

2021-04-13 on
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[articles] Android 12 gets a... Battery

2021-04-08 on
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[articles] Re-gaining orientation #4

2021-04-01 on
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[articles] Converting a feed to markdown

2021-03-29 on
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[articles] Questioning old habbits

2021-03-27 on
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[articles] Re-gaining orientation #3

2021-03-26 on
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