You won’t need a crystal ball to see the future of Android. Android is reaching out for the desktop. As ars technica points out in a superb article there is quite some way ahead. But there is already a lot there. Yes, right now there is no real window support (available to end users). But earlier reports made it clear that Google is working on supporting split screen windows, which we can see in Windows 10 and on the iPad Pro, and more. So, to take an educated guess, we will see this in Android 7. Once rolled out, it’ll be up to Google and third party vendors alike to adapt their apps as fast as possible.

If the market wants another desktop-like system remains to be seen. Still, the Chromebooks have been quite a success. If Google is really planning to phase them out, Mountain View needs to make sure that the key advantages of Chrome OS are present in a future Android, too. Among others, these are…

  • low maintenance costs
  • reliability
  • stability

What do you think - is there a scenario you would trade your Mac OS X or Windows machine for a Android-based desktop or laptop?

This is a (slightly updated) repost of a piece I published on my blog Tommi’s Blog. I deleted the blog in the wake of the GDPR, so the original version is no longer available, or only through the WayBack Machine of the Internet Archive. Please note: code usually has not been updated, so language feature reflect the time the original post was written.