In a series of posts I will elaborate on how enterprise applications can embrace mobile devices.

Notes by the editor (the story so far)

In part 4 I discussed how much logic can or should be present in the ui layer of an enterprise application. The series so far motivated the term mobile enterprise application. You have seen how they relate to traditional enterprise apps and what has to be done to make them ready for mobile devices. Future posts will discuss matters in greater detail.

The posts will be combined, expanded and carefully edited to become a book called On Mobile Enterprise Apps. The book will be available through leanpub. I’d very much appreciate feedback about the topic in general and my writing in particular. If you would like to be informed when the book is finished, please sign up for a notice on the leanpub book page.

This is a (slightly updated) repost of a piece I published on my blog Tommi’s Blog. I deleted the blog in the wake of the GDPR, so the original version is no longer available, or only through the WayBack Machine of the Internet Archive. Please note: code usually has not been updated, so language feature reflect the time the original post was written.